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The Flowerchild Expo


The Flowerchild Expo was created by a small business called LOPI LLC, a project management company.  We wanted to create an event that supported other small businesses and build a community of collaborative success.  Thus, the Flowerchild Expo was born.  the expo's motto: "Bloom Where The Water Is Flowing" is an objective we hold dear to our hearts and we want you to bloom with us!  

As a woman-owned small business, it is understood how community is a valuable resource to our brands.  The Flowerchild Expo is our way of adding value and support to our fellow business owners. Set up an appointment with us and let's chat and our CEO will personally take the call to answer any questions you may have.

"Bloom Where The Water Is Flowing"

So what makes this event different than the other events?

Answer:  You!


No, we mean it.  You make our event different than the other events.  Our aim is that The Flowerchild Expo maintains a standard that blooms well-rounded quality.  Iron sharpens iron.  As such, from vendor selection to venue, location, staff, marketing to decor willl illustrate the quality we seek in our vendors.

What do you gain by being a vendor at The Flowerchild Expo?

Usually events such as this are put on by an event planning companies.  They give exposure and sell opportunities to their vendors, which is great.  But by being a vendor at The Flowerchild Expo, you get access to LOPI who has experience with working with major brands that can help you in other areas of growth for your brand such as brand ambassador recruitment, event activations, email marketing services and more.  Also, repeat vendors get a discounted rate for the next season's event produced by LOPI.

Here's the Vendor Agreement

Interested in other marketing opportunities?  We offer customized options but here is a price list of some of our options, here.

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Our mission is for attendees to have a great time while shopping with amazing vendors AND for vendors to gain new consumers.


With that being said, we curate a collection of brands for the Flowerchild Expo to ensure that isn't over-saturated with the same kinds of vendors.  We also check that each vendor is legit for consumer shopper confidence.


Currently, we are booking out the first floor and then we'll expand to the second floor of the venue to fill the booths.  Filling booths for the second floor will not begin until the first floor is completely booked.  

Our Audience:

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