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Frequently Asked Questions

About The Event

What am I to expect?

We've carefully curated the vendors that will be present at The Flowerchild Expo. So what does that mean? It means that every vendor we allow at The Flowerchild Expo meets our standard of professionalism, and brand personality. Plus awesome food and great photo opps in our onsite Flowerchild Selfie Museum.

Is the event cash only?

Each vendor operates of their own payment options. But there is an ATM at the venue in the event there is a vendor who doesn't accept or can't process card payments.

Will there be food and beverages?

Yes, yes, yes, because what would a great event be without delicious food. Yes, there will be food, treats, snacks and beverages present in the food court.

Will the event still happen even if it rains?

Our event is indoors. So no worries.

How do I find out about future events?

Simply subscribe and we got you!

Is this event only for women?

No, this event is open to all with paid admission.

Where is the event located this year?

Click here for venue location.

About Tickets

When does the early bird ticket sales end?

There will be an announcement made during the last week of early bird tickets sales.

Can I purchase tickets at the door?

Yes, but tickets will increase on the day of the event at the door. You save more by purchasing tickets online, here.

I didn't get my ticket email confirmation. What do I do?

Fill out a contact form and let us know and we'll look into the matter.

I already bought my ticket. Can I buy more?

Yes, you can at any time before the event.

Do you do group discounts?

Yes, for groups of 15 for general admission, groups of 12 for VIP and groups of 10 for the Flowerchild tickets after the early bird ticket sales have ended.

Does children need a ticket?

Children 5 years old or younger are FREE. Children 6 to 9 years old will need a Children's ticket. Minors 10 to 17 years old will need a regular ticket.

Do you offer group tickets?

Yes, send us a message through the contact us form.

About the Vendors

Do the vendor accept card payments?

Each vendor operates of their own payment options. But there is an ATM at the venue in the event there is a vendor who doesn't accept or can't process card payments.

How can I be a vendor at the Flowerchild Expo?

Thank you for your interest! Please read more about becoming a vendor in our blog "Interested in being a Vendor?" for more information.

What kind of products will the vendors be selling?

We've curated our vendors to ensure that your shopping experience is amazing. Each vendor is a small business local to the area and have created their products from their love and passion. Most products are natural-based. Apparel, jewelry, candles, hair care, body care, health, decor, art, and more!

About the Venue

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

Yes, we made sure that the venue we selected for The Flowerchild Expo is wheelchair, stroller, and walker accessible. Even the selfie museum, too!

About Parking

Is parking free?

Yes, parking is free and is located in front of the building.

Can I reserve parking?

Not at this venue, this year.

Can I bring a pet to the event?

Only service animals are permitted in the venue.

Can I bring my purse or bag?

No bags of any kind are allowed in the event unless placed in a clear tote bag. Here are the clear tote bags we use, here.


How do I place an ad in the Flowerchild Magazine?

For marketing opportunities, please read "Interested in Marketing Opportunities with Flowerchild Expo."

I would like to partner or be a sponsor for Flowerchild Expo. Who do I reach out to?

For partnerships or sponsorships, please read "Have Inquiries About Sponsorships and Marketing Opportunities?"


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