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Have Inquiries About Sponsorship or Marketing Opportunities?

It's exciting when incredible brands are interested in The Flowerchild Expo! Unlike many other events, we do not offer a "one size fit all brands" opportunities for sponsorships or marketing opportunities.

Everything we do is custom!

Our aim is for your brand and Body Mind Spirit Celebration to work together towards a custom offering that has true value based on what works for our goals.

Here are SOME (not all) of the ways that we can work together:

Ads or article in our Flowerchild Magazine

Naming/Logo Opportunities

Onsite Activations

Brand Recognition

VIP Opportunities

Advertising & Media Presence

Sampling and Product Placement

Experiential Marketing

Tell us more about your sales and marketing goals.

Contact us, here.

NOTE: You will be asking to create a login to reach the form. It take a quick minute to create.


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